There are no current global standards of training, practice and level of care for patients with neoplasms of the Head and Neck. There are significant variations in the quality and levels of care in various geographic locations in the world. The goal of developing a global online fellowship is to create a program to teach and train young surgeons and test their knowledge and thought processes, through which relative uniformity of knowledge base and judgment are measured and certified for specialists, through an online education process, with continuous updating and monitoring of the knowledge base.

The fellowship will involve a commitment of 2 years of self learning through a structured course curriculum, with periodic online examinations as the program progresses, until completion. At the completion of the course curriculum, the candidates will embark upon a 2 month observership and then appear for an oral examination before an international panel of examiners.

Upon successful completion of the oral examination a certificate will be issued recognizing the satisfactory completion of the course curriculum, and passing the examination.

Such certification will ensure that the candidate has acquired an established global standard of core knowledge, and matured a judgment process through self education and successful completion of the examination.he

You can download the course brochure here